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Wednesday, August 27

Working Mom 101

Being a working mom is difficult no matter how you slice it. Whether you work part-time or full-time, at home or outside of the home, it's a tough balance to find. And while by no means do I have it all figured out, I thought I'd share some of my tips for surviving and enjoying being a working mama.

1 - Use your slow-cooker:
Every week I make a stew or soup in my slow cooker. Sometimes it's a kitchen sink sort of thing (meat + whatever vegetables we have + fresh herbs) and others it's more planned. Either way, having dinner simmering away with minimal effort on my part is priceless.

2 - Tell your spouse when you need help: 
Not to get all mushy, but my husband is so great you guys. He is always there at the ready when I need help or feel overwhelmed with life. Anything from figuring out what we will eat for dinner to bathing Elliot or getting him to sleep to watching the babe while I workout, my man is there. And I've learned that all I need to do is ask. I think dads aren't always sure how to care for the new babe (and the new mama!) and will wait for us to tell them what we need. And us gals usually expect our men to be mind readers. What a set up for miscommunication! So get vocal and tell your man what you need help with. 

3 - Find time to spend in the Word and with the Lord:
This is essential for everyone, but especially during seasons of change. The Lord uses times of change in my life to sift out the bad and replace it with His good. During the most difficult times of my life, I feel the Lord changing my heart and drawing me closer to Him. Practically, I've been following along at She Reads Truth. For me, having the lovely study packs in hand is tangible accountability to find time daily to renew my soul, even if I have to wait until I put Elliot to sleep. Those ten or fifteen minutes in the Word do more for me than the extra ten or fifteen minutes of sleep. I also download sermons for my daily commute. 

4 - Let it go:
Find something in your life that is overwhelming you and just let it go, at least for now. For me that was stressing over cloth diapering. It was something I really wanted to do, but with my alternating schedule and off days, it was difficult to stay on track with washing every other day. And well, things got a bit... smelly. Also, E's sitter isn't on board with cloth diapering, so when I'm at work, he is in disposables anyway. So, I made the compromise to do natural, plant-based disposables on my work days and put him in cloth dipes when I'm home with him.

5 - Spend some time outside:
Whether its a few minutes on the front porch on Saturday morning, sitting in our hammock chairs in the early evening, or a walk around the neighborhood, getting outside is key for me. On my off days I spend a lot of time inside taking care of E and getting our household in order. Spending just thirty minutes outside soothes my soul, provides a change of scenery for both me and little Elliot, and gives us a chance to soak up some vitamin D (even if it's overcast, you actually get more vitamin D outdoors than in a well-lit room!).

It's not much but it's a start, and everyday I am learning. None the less, little victories sometimes mean the most.


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