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Tuesday, October 14

A Weekend in Pictures 03

I just never want our weekends to end. The moments we spend as a family, the lower stress level my husband and I feel, not constantly rushing here and there and worrying about messing up Elliot's sleep patterns in the process. Weekends provide so much more room to breathe. So I have officially decided that weekends should last five days and the workweek should only last two. I'd even compromise to a four day weekend and three day workweek. Any suggestions on how to go about getting that changed? ;)

This weekend was especially fun since we took E camping for the first time. I have to say though, that things definitely did not go as planned. Between the rain, wet ground, unseasonably warm daytime weather and a babe who wouldn't nap, it was a little rough. We will probably wait until the spring for our next trip when E will hopefully be walking. Nonetheless, it was a good weekend and one that I am sad to leave behind.

Here's to never ending weekends, or at least dreaming of them!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I hear you! I'm all for getting this work/weekend ratio switched up. Glad you guys had a successful camping trip. The pic you took of E from above is my FAVORITE E pic yet. Can we recruit you to follow us around and take pics of our little family? I mean, your documentation is constant and beautiful even with busy schedules. Just thought you should know that. ;) xo