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Sunday, May 11

happy mother's day!

In honor of today's holiday I have decided to share with you all a wonderful surprise that happened into my life this past Wednesday. I was at work just minding my own business when a customer came to the pharmacy to find out who drove the Mini in the parking lot. At first I was terrified that she had run into my car, and I was about to get upset when she told me that there was a kitten stuck in the hood of my car! We went outside where you could hear him meowing in pain as he was stuck somewhere in the engine compartment. After about 45 minutes of crawling around under the car and coaxing him away from the hose he was stuck around, we got him out! One of his toes on his left back foot was cut off so he was bleeding and his fur was greasy from the engine oil. We took him into the pharmacy and bathed him, tended to his wound, fed him, and gave him an antibiotic. He slept away most of the day at work and came home with me that evening. Since then, he's adjusted completely normally and his foot is just fine. (I will post pics soon, but I'm having some camera issues.) He is as playful and precious as any kitten, and he is so incredibly sweet. I won't gush about with all the adorable stories and things he has done, but just know that he is absolutely perfect. Oh, and in honor of the traumatic "gotcha" day events, I named him Cooper. (I know, it's kinda corny, but I'm okay with that.)


Regardez Moi said...

hey - thanks for stopping by my blog!!! btw i looove the name of yours. hiking in stilettos? brilliant.

Jessie said...

Oh my gosh. SO much to say about this sweet sweet story! First of all, you have a Mini?!?! I want one so bad and have been trying to convince my husband that we should get one, but he is 6'3" and he doesn't think he'll fit!

Second, congratulations on becoming a Kitty Mama (kind of like a Baby Mama, but possibly better!) I'm so glad you were able to save little Cooper, and I love the name that you chose. Can't wait to see pics!

(P.S. I love your blog, too!)

Danz said...

I'm a cat lover too. I'm glad the kitten is ok now, I can imagine how adorable he is :) Thanks for commenting on my blog. Would you like to link?

Ashley said...

Thank you to all you lovely ladies for your blogging love! It's much appreciated as I'm still kind of getting into it! Also, thanks for the love for Cooper. He is so very precious!

Jessie, you really need to bet your husband to at least test drive one. My soon-to-be hubby is average height, and he fits in it just fine! He actually really love driving it! It is really quite larger inside than one might imagine. The large windows and double sun roof let in a lot of light which makes it seem bigger as well. I love mine!

Danz, I think I got the link. I put it (and yours, too jozette) on my list of faves. Hope that's okay!