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Monday, May 5

sweet summertime

As I was driving home enjoying that lovely time just before dark as the sun is setting, I realized that summer has officially begun... because I smelled the faint scent of honeysuckles. Growing up in the south, honeysuckles were the definition of summer. I know it sounds cliche, but I spent my summers outside, often in the woods finding honeysuckles. For those who are not familiar with these dainty white flowers, at the base of the petals is a little green stem that you can pick off, allowing you to get the nectar from the flower. As crazy as this sounds, the nectar is so sweet and delicious! Maybe it's my southern-girl heritage that makes me gravitate towards the scent of honeysuckle in perfumes, lotions, and candles (wonder what Freud would say about that). Still, there is nothing better than driving along with the windows down just before dark having the scent of those little white flowers drifting through the air.
Pineapple Orchid candle from Bath and Body Works (I love that the candle is in a ceramic pineapple!)
Blush eau de toilette by Marc Jacobs
Wild Honeysuckle scent from Bath and Body Works
Capri Blue Volcano candles (available at Anthropologie)
Ginger Peach reed diffuser from Pier 1
Mistral soap in Tropical Fruit scent. Many others available at Anthropologie or at Mistral's website


AsianCajuns said...

I remember one time when I was little, I picked a honeysuckle and there was a little green worm on the stem! It freaked me out and I didn't go near the stuff for years. I do, however, love the scent and MJ perfume and pineapple-shape candles will be worm free!

Ashley said...

That is such a sad (yet funny) story! I assure you that the pineapple candles contain no worms! They smell so yummy!