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Monday, June 2

searching for the perfect pair... of shoes!

Hello again, my dear blog-reading friends. In an effort to ease into yet another stressful work week, I find myself searching for a very particular pair of shoes. I have a wonderful, Anthropologie-worthy sundress that is in dire need of the perfect pair. Although I don't usually shop for such an outfit-specific piece, I really have no heels that compliment the dress quite right. So, inspired by my blog friend Jessie of The Lucky Stone, I browsed over to Piperlime. However, my early efforts have produced no possibilities. I have found quite a few fall pieces that I am currently loving. (Please note that no sooner does a season arrive than I am finding pieces for the following one. Does this happen to anyone else? Why is that?)

Minnetonka Kitty Suede Moccasin 
Minnetonka Moccasin Boot

Nine West, Gidsa (also available in black)

Via Spiga, Passion

I did find some spring/summer pieces, but nothing that would compliment my dress. I especially love the "Shoes for Lovely People" pieces that I found.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison

Shoes for Lovely People, Leyda   

Shoes for Lovely People, Angela

Shoes for Lovely People, Blair


Jessie said...

Oh, my darling, thanks so much for the mention!!!!!

I want to gobble those purple Nine West pumps right up! Serious. The moment I saw them, my mind started creating outfits around them in my head... it's gotta be a sign, right?

Can't wait to see what you end up getting!

beccaweber said...

man, i was shoe-shopping yesterday, too! i found some "fall" pieces that i loved in the bobbi blu (formerly kensie) line that i think work for spring/summer, too. especially the "teak" ones--they look like they're so comfy and give just the right amount of hight and lift to your leg. check them out here.

another favorite of mine was the steve madden "veronic" shoes in champange and black leather. they're here.

i love my pair of kensies/bobbi blu--they're so comfy. heels that don't even feel like heels! but i will definitely have to look into this line that you highlight!


Danz said...

I love the purple Nine West and the Via Spiga Passion pumps! I'm always searching for the perfect pair and when I do find it, it's never in my size!

beccaweber said...

okay, so i thought i should share with you because you would appreciate. i just bought these today. so PUMPED!
(hahaha, get it? pumped? okay, i'm a dork.)

Ashley said...

luxe, thanks for the links. You know that we have the same taste in shoes. Also, I really miss you terribly!

jessie, you are welcome for the mention. Thanks for recommending Piperlime! I loooove the Nine West pumps as well.

Danz, I totally feel your pain about finding a pair and then not being able to get your size. It is the story of my life. Thanks for stopping by!

Ashley said...

Oh and by the way, luxe, I too am pumped about those pumps! They are incredible!! Now we just need to go out somewhere so that I can see you wear them and live vicariously through you...

Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

I know this is an older post, but now you're in my territory. I am the quinessential shoe fanatic (and as you say, I'm perfectly fine with that).

I love the Via Spigas and the simply adore the title of your blog.

Ciao bella!