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Tuesday, July 15

Daydreaming of Europe

Today as I was enduring yet another seemingly endless, stress-filled day, I was wishing instead to be in an open air market in Greece or Italy perusing the booths for fresh home-grown veggies, beautiful flowers, aged Chianti, and whatever else may catch my eye. I would probably have been wearing something along these lines as I strolled the streets and ate lunch near a vineyard or overlooking the sea. Sigh.


Dana (MODAna) said...

I hope you get to.
Meanwhile though, I think that dress and the jacket would look pretty damn good in the States

Regardez Moi said...

ohh that would be amazing. and any one of those outfits would fit the bill. don't you love polyvore?

Ashley said...

dana, thanks for the comment. It actually made me laugh! I agree, though, that jacket is pretty amazing

jozette, thanks for stopping by! I am completely in LOVE with polyvore. Its like a kid in a candy store...

Persian Tea said...

i love that leather jacket!

great blog btw!