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Monday, July 14

Fashion Inspiration: Kate Hudson

I have been a fan of Kate Hudson for quite a while (I think it stems from my mother's love of Goldie Hawn) and really love her laid-back look. I also think that my love of Kate is in part because of our similar body type and fashion style. Kate has a way of blending hippie-chic and classic rock style without overdoing it in either direction; a look that I try to achieve, but don't always pull off quite as well. From daily hip to red carpet style, Kate is always stunning, and her fun personality shows through in all of her photo shoots.

I love the ragged jeans, and the belted sweater makes her petite frame look much longer.

If you know me, then you know that I love boots. I like how Kate wears these neutral boots with shorts and skirts as well as jeans.

The strapless silhouette is a great shape for her frame, and the hippie-inspired prints are a lot of fun!

Let me just say that I have been on the hunt for grey boots for five years now and have yet to find the perfect pair...
 I have a good feeling about this upcoming season.

And who can resist this adorable little guy? Kate's son Ryder is simply adorable. He's definitely got his mother's looks!

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1 comment:

Regardez Moi said...

I love Kate Hudson. She's so natural, beautiful, and sexy all at the time. She has a great style.