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Monday, August 18

First Day of Class Outfit

Sometimes I like try to challenge myself by putting together an outfit comprised only of pieces from one store, and today I did just that. Everything that I wore, except for my jewelry, is from Target. (I rarely buy jewelry from Tarjay, so that's why I cheated a bit.) Because we didn't have to dress up today, this is what I wore for my first day of classes:

shorts, cardigan, tank, sandals, Tarjay; layered necklaces, F21
The blue/heather tank is from Richard Chai's GO Internaional line that I mentioned earlier.

photos copyright hiking in stilettos


AsianCajuns said...

Love the outfit, Ashley! Hope your classes are going smashingly ;)

Anonymous said...

You look so great.



Jessie said...

ACH! You look SO cute!

Ashley said...

Glad that you liked the outfit! Thanks for stopping by!