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Sunday, August 17

Hemlines and Haircuts

The moving frenzy has finally come to a close, and, as promised, here are some new haircut pictures from the weekend. It's a bit hard to tell from these images, but the cut is very layered and has a messy look when fixed. I am loving it!

I also want to mention this cardigan that I bought at Target recently. The sleeves hit just above the elbow, and it is made of a slinky, lightweight jersey cotton. I love the chartreuse color because it isn't too bright, but it does come in a range of fall colors if the green just isn't your thing.

Yesterday morning was my official induction into the Pharmacy profession with the University White Coat Ceremony. It was like a graduation ceremony, but instead of receiving degrees, we received our official white lab coats with the UGA Pharmacy emblem. In an effort to look professional, yet fashionable I wore this dress by Richard Chai for Target's GO International line. I am completely in love. The fit  is amazing, and the colors play against the conservative cut. Also, the back is a v-shape that stops just above the bra line to give it a little extra edge. I also bought a few other items from Richard Chai's designs to serve my new professional purposes. More about those later....

dress, Target; heels, Off Broadway; nekclace, my mom's

photos copyright hiking in stilettos


Erin said...

WOW. erow. call me woman!

Danz said...

Your outfits are lovely and that haircut is fantastic! I would love to get a short, shaggy cut but my hair can quite difficult to maintain.

Persian Tea said...

congrats on getting your white coat!
i get mine after my second year (i'm a dental student)...pretty excited about it.

p.s. cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

Love your dress, and Congrats on your white coat!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the nice comments, ladies!

Danz, I completely understand. You are so cute the way you are, though! I love your look!

Persian Tea, a preemptive congratulations to you as well! I know how hard it is since we're in similar fields. Best of luck!

Kat, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the congrats!!

beccaweber said...

so they blocked blogs at work and now i never have time to read them.

i love the hair! and the layers! but why's it so straight? put up some natural curly pics too, please!

also, i really like these (including the more recent/above) outfit posts too. :)


Ashley said...

luxe, I will try to give ya some curls.. for some reason it's not really working well with the shape, but maybe after it grows out a bit. I'm sad that they banned blogging... it's so much fun! I miss you! xoxo

Unknown said...

Chic chic girl you look fab and the hair cut is great!