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Monday, September 22

A Fashionista's Guide to the Great Outdoors: Vol. II: Running

One of my favorite outdoor (and stress-relieving) activities is running. I know some of you may not share this love and others of you may view my endeavors as pitiful, but there's something to be said for a sport that requires little to no expertise to be enjoyable. I am by no means a habitual marathoner, but I do enjoy running both road and trail races (see previous post). I also like to be somewhat fashionable while enjoying said races or even just out on the street for the daily jog. I personally gravitate towards Nike apparel because it tends to fit better on my petite frame. Other retailers that I frequent for running clothes include American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.

One relatively simple way to ramp up the fun is to find some colorful basics and pair them in unusual ways. Also, since you really can't get too fancy with your clothing options (you do have to be somewhat practical), layering and accessorizing are key. 

Okay, a few practical things to remember...  
Your shoes need to be fitted for the activity at hand. If you plan on doing more trail running (ie, not on pavement), then you want to look for shoes with better traction. Basically look for more ridges on the soles. I recommend Salomon and Adidas, but any company will do. Just look for tags with "trail shoe" or "cross-training" and stay away from smooth soles. If, however, you plan on doing more road running, the smoother soles will be fine. 

You will usually want a base layer that is made of a dry weave material.. not cotton (cotton absorbs and traps water remember). This is especially important in very hot and very cold weather. Dry weave tanks and tees are available everywhere from Target to Sports Authority and are available in fun colors, so you won't have to sacrifice here.

Finally, there are really no rules when it comes to fashionable running gear, so have fun with it! Mix and match colors and patterns. Layer and accessorize. It's a great way to show some personal style, especially in a gym or on a track full of black and white!

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Brooke Hughes said...

I am a runner as well, and have been reading lately about the new trend of running skirts...I feel like I might be into them, what do you think?

AsianCajuns said...

Okay- so I've never been a runner per se (more of a fast walker/jogger) but these cute polyvores make me want to be! Thanks for the spiffy advice!
ps- any recommendations for those that run and get shin-splints?

Ashley said...

Brooke, thanks for stopping by! I am kind of liking the running skirts, personally! I have been eying tennis skirts for a few years and even thought about trying to run in one. I love the femininity associated with it. Stay tuned for a post about it!

AC, I can completely understand the natural aversion to running. It took me a little while to really like it, but the fun outfits definitely help! As for the shin splints, go for the shoes with heftier soles. Also, post-run sit with your legs stretched in front of you and write out the alphabet with your feet! It helps heal the shin splints!!

Unknown said...

I'm not a runner at all...or even an exerciser for that matter (eek). I will, however, fake it.

Love the looks.