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Wednesday, October 8

June Shin Jewelry

Thanks to my friends the AsianCajuns, I am now completely in love with indie jewelry designer June Shin. Her pieces are unique, vintage-inspired, edgy, and simply lovely. (Please note that those are my own words, not those of the designer. She may describe her work differently.) So, as a birthday present to myself, I have decided to being my JS collection with one of her beautiful cameo rings. I have been crazy about cameo ever since I can remember, so I thougt it was a perfect start! The problem: I can't decide which one! This is where you come in. I have narrowed it down to three options from June Shin's Etsy site. Vote for your favorite style to help me make my decision! 

Black and White Rose Cameo

Ganesha Ring in Orange 

Carved in Blue

all images courtesy of June Shin Jewelry Designs

I am also coveting this one that Lauren of the AsianCajuns has. I love the fusion of a vintage template with a rock and roll image!  If/when it is available again, I plan to snatch it up as well! Check out June Shin's Etsy site for a look at all of her lovely pieces! I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a beautiful jewelry relationship!

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Anonymous said...

the blue ring for sure!! i love it!

Erin said...

noir fo sho.

Jessie said...

My favorite is definitely the first one!!! They are all darling though... totally you!

June Shin said...

Thanks so much for this feature! Such a nice surprise and so glad that you like my jewelry. And not to make this decision harder for you, but I do have another Guns n Roses ring available in a slightly different color than the ones the Asian Cajuns bought. It's up in my shop. :)

beccaweber said...

i got the ganesha one a while back, and i love it! the only thing is that the inside rusts...i'm going to email june as to what to do with it...

but i also got sent this link, and i think you'll love it!


AsianCajuns said...

Happy Birthday!!

I wear my Ganesha ring all the time and always get compliments on it, but I love the other rings as well - tough decision. That June is too good!

Ashley said...

Thanks to everyone for your input!! I decided, although it was definitely tough.

June, you are so welcome! I am in love with your designs, and I can't wait to receive my ring in the mail!

Luxe, I loooove that link! I'm thinking of getting one for both my mom and sis for Christmas. They will love it too! Hope all is well abroad.. I already miss you!

AC, I can't wait to wear my new ring! I have a feeling that I will eventually own more than one...