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Tuesday, October 7

Weekend Adventure No. 9: Standing Indian Mountain

On top of Standing Indian Mountain

In honor of the October birthdays of both K and I, we took off Friday afternoon for a weekend get away to the mountains of Franklin, NC. Friday night consisted of camping in Standing Indian Campground, and Saturday was an all day hike of Standing Indian Mountain.

Kimsey Creek Trail: the starting point of the hike

My camping/hiking essentials: pouffy vest (AE), sock hat and gloves (Tarjay), extra warm socks (REI), long-sleeved tee for layering (Moosejaw), dry-weave base layer (Nike), floral thermal (F21), bright fleece (Tarjay), fun stripe scarf (UO).
See previous post.

On the way out on Saturday we also walked down to see the second tallest poplar tree in the southeast. It is eight miles in diameter and over 25 feet in circumference! Unfortunately, a storm tore off the top of the tree, so it is no longer alive and flourishing; however, it was still a neat thing to see. I felt so tiny next to it!!

We were hoping that the leaves would have started changing a bit more, but K was still able to capture some great pictures of both the trees and the creek that wound through our hiking trail.

Overall, the trip was somewhat leisurely in that Friday night was laid back and relaxing; however, Saturday consisted of a 10-mile loop hike that climbed over 5000 feet. Although it was definitely tiring, and I was incredibly sore the next day, it was also definitely worth it. The view was breathtaking.

Often times people ask me what the draw is in hiking/outdoors/etc. It is something that I can't exactly explain, but the feeling of standing on the top of a mountain and seeing the view first hand.. I don't know. It just feels incredible to be a part of it, to be in the midst of it. Pictures can only capture a small amount of the beauty that this world holds; the rest you have to experience for yourself.

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Dana (MODAna) said...

heeeyyyyy you're hiking but not in stilettos!
I kid
love these shots, totally beautiful
and that has got to be the biggest tree stump in the world

Jessie said...

Wow. GORGEous photographs!

Unknown said...

K needs to quit his day job and become a photographer.

Unknown said...

We did a 300 foot incline up a mountain trail when I was 37 weeks pregnant with Parker. Since I'm "only" 29.5 weeks with Grant, maybe I should try this one this time around! The pictures are great. I am so in love with nature!

Roch101 said...

I found this post trying to find out a little about Standing Indian. I cannot wait to see that 8-mile diameter tree. Thanks for the info.