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Wednesday, December 24


I absolutely adore monograms when it comes to accessories and housewares (purses and clothing aside), so when I saw these necklaces in the Anthropologie catalog, I was in heaven. My friend Erin bought me the "A" for Christmas, and I ordered the other letters online since the store had sold out. The layering of the pieces can be a bit tricky as a couple of them are the same length, so if you want more than one, you may have to choose the same ones as I did. Also, if you are not interested in having your initials around your neck, choose letters that are meaningful to you... your mother's first name, the name of a spouse or significant other, children's names. 

In addition to the necklaces, I also received a monogram soap dish and a wooden cutting board from two of my favorite people. I love that the cutting board comes with its own silver spreader! It will look wonderful in my kitchen hutch beside the great lettered mugs and dessert plates I found at Anthro on clearance!

mug and plate images courtesy of
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Sarah said...

Your blog is wonderful. I have been reading it for a while now. I wanted to comment today because five minutes before I read your post, I was looking at these cute monogrammed candelpots from Pottery Barn...

Thanks for this great post, and happy holidays!

Regardez Moi said...

I love all of these things. I've recently fallen in love with monograms/initals, too, especially in pretty necklaces. Those cups are amazing. Maybe if I get some cash from Santa I'll spend it on these!

Ashley said...

Sarah, thanks for commenting! I love those candle pots! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

RM, thanks for reading! I'll be checking in to see if you found some of the mugs. I know Anthro has a ton of stuff on sale right now! Happy Christmas!