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Tuesday, December 16

Movies and Internet Connections

I apologize for the slight lack of posts lately. Unfortunately, as I have relocated for the holidays, my internet access has been slightly limited (not to mention my time). However, I anticipate a few good posts in the near future, so you will not be disappointed, lovely readers.

Onto another favorite holiday frivolity, movies. This season is so wonderful because I actually have time away from medical books and science texts to turn my attentions to fiction and gushiness. Here are some of my personal holiday-themed picks.

 Love Actually (I love love.)

A Charlie Brown Christmas (This one has a great soundtrack, too!)

 Rudolph and The Island of Misfit Toys


Miracle on 34th Street (Classic)

The Holiday

So, here's to cuddling up with a warm blanket and hot cocoa to enjoy some Christmas cheer!

images courtesy of IMDb
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Regardez Moi said...

YES YES and YES!! You just named ALL of my fav christmas movies. And I just watched Charlie Brown!!!!

Ashley said...

RM, I am totally watching Charlie Brown tonight and possibly Rudolph, too. It's a night of childhood classics!

AsianCajuns said...

great picks, Ash! Hope you have a merry, merry christmas!