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Tuesday, December 30

Better Late than Never

So, I know that I am months behind the Spring RTW Fashion shows, but honestly, it's really hard for me to look forward to spring until after Christmas. (Good thing I don't work in retail.) Now that the season has ended, and Christmas decorations have found their home in plastic totes, I can look forward to the lovely patterns and colors of spring. Some of my favorite places to look?

Anna Sui for bold colors and fun patterns. 

Richard Chai for interesting texture and color combinations. 

Nanette Lepore for distinctly feminine silhouettes. 

Marc Jacobs for, well, just being Marc Jacobs.

Now, if only the humid, rainy excuse for winter in Georgia would make way for sunny, spring days...

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copyright Hiking in Stilettos

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've been behind on my spring fashion as well, and the winter does suck this year doesn't it?

So, you must be, like, one of two people that read my "blog". My (poorly enforced) post-1980 ban unfortunately came after we made the CD. It probably would've been helpful before, maybe we would've come across a little less John Mayer-ish :)

I'm hoping the next group of songs will be a little more Tom Petty meets The Rolling Stones meets The Eagles meets Ryan Adams meets Ray Lamontagne meets Amos Lee. If all those things can meet. We shall see.

Either way, thank you so much for enjoying our music and your continued fanship with us!