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Monday, January 26

Family Ties

My grandmother recently passed down quite a bit of her vintage furniture and cookware, and it is currently abiding in my kitchen. (Unfortunately, most of the furniture is residing in storage until August.) Among some of the items that she gave me were sets of pyrex dishes, salt and pepper shakers, old cracker and coffee tins, a set of heavy mixing bowls, and a lovely soap dish. All of the kitchen accessories are things that I would have bought at an antique store, so to receive them for free was very exciting. Not to mention the sentimental value in that they were hers. Because I am so close to my mother, spending time with my grandmother was quite natural, especially since she lived across the street. Each time I cook or bake using my grandmother's cookware, I will have wonderful memories of doing the same at her house when I was young.

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Leslie Richman said...

That's really neat! My grandmother's Pyrex mixing bowls are my very favorite thing in my kitchen.

paanie said...

adorable cookware. what a cool granny!

Ashley said...

Pixiepine, thanks for reading! I am excited about having them, especially since I adore vintage pyrex. I want to find some of the pastel cookware/serveware, but I'm not sure where to look.

xs, I agree! Granny is awesome!

AsianCajuns said...

How fun, A! I love them- and when I just saw the photos I thought that they looked like just-your-awesome-style... nice to know it runs int he fam ;)
Our grandmother passed down a helluva a gumbo recipe and old costume jewelry ;)