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Saturday, January 24

Overs and Unders

Although I have not (yet) received a visit from the Fiary Bootfather, I have had some great luck finding boots as of late. Here's a peek at what I wore running around town today. xoxo.

Blouse, Patrick Robinson; Jeans, Paige Denim; Boots, XAppeal; Necklace, Ann Taylor Loft

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Regardez Moi said...

Those are amazing. I so wish I could wear boots like that. sigh.

paanie said...

supercute. i love long flat boots over jeans.

Envious Leigh said...

Very, very cute. I want to get a pair of brown boots like that,

Hee, your fairy bootfather still makes me think of Neil Patrick Harris' Shoefairy, and I had to go look up his video from Sesame Street:

The song is going to be stuck in my head for hours, lol.

Cassie Jo - Tofuscloset said...

love those boots!! iw ish i could wear tall boots where i live..=)

Unknown said...

Love the outfit, as always...and loving, so loving, the hair!! It's darker, right?

Ashley said...

RM, you totally can wear boots like that! Also, I'm waiting for the next installment about FN guy!

xs, thanks! I am trying to minimize without losing some of my style. So far, so good!

Leigh, that was hilarious. The song was stuck in my head for a while. I'll never think of the fairy bootfather the same! haha.

Tofuscloset, thanks for reading! I love my boots, espcially in the cold, but I do wish it was warmer!

Ash, yes, the hair is darker! I forget that I haven't seen you since I started school... I cut it, straightened it, and darkened it. I am loving it, too! xoxo