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Tuesday, March 31

The Battle of the Beds

I have finally decided to leave behind my feminine, shabby chic Anthropologie quilt and opt for some new bedding that is slightly more man-friendly. Of course, I now have my little heart set on this quilt from Anthropologie. It is kelley green with hints of orange and gold which will compliment much of my furniture, and it isn't too feminine. (Ok, I know. It is floral, but given that my quilt now is pink toile, I say this is fair. Plus, it's beautiful!) Not to mention that it will look wonderful with a lot of the linens and fabrics that I already own. Added bonus, K is fine with it! Now, I just have to get some gift cards together to be able to buy it....

1 comment:

Winnie said...

Go for it, it sounds like a nice change from all that pink!