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Sunday, March 15

The Beginning of a Great Adventure

Today I am wishing farewell to two of the bravest, most incredible individuals that I know, my cousin Sherry and her husband Mark. Mark and Sherry work with the International Missions Board as Baptist missionaries in Thailand and are leaving today to embark upon their second stay there. I can hardly imagine what it would feel like to leave behind all of the physical comforts of home, not to mention all of the family. I believe that it takes deep courage and steadfast faith to do something so selfless, and I admire the Lewis family for their decision to follow God's plan for their lives.

After living in Thailand for over four years, Mark and Sherry came back to the states for a while. During that time they adopted their daughter Sophie Mei from an orphanage in China. It was a long, difficult process, but absolutely worth every second. Please take a moment to read about their incredible journey to adopt Sophie here.

I can hardly believe that sweet Sophie Mei has been in our lives for an entire year already; she brings such joy and light into our family. It breaks my heart to see her go. I can't wait to see what a beautiful woman she grows up to be, and I am already planning a trip to Thailand to visit.

So farewell Mark, Sherry, and sweet Sophie Mei. You are loved beyond belief, and you will be deeply missed.

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1 comment:

paanie said...

they sound like an amazing pair. it must be hard to let them go. what a cutie of a girl!