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Friday, March 13

New Favorites

I recently received an email from Joanne at Wish designs highlighting two Aussie labels that recently launched here in the states, Treuse and Wish. After perusing the Wish website and viewing the lookbook from Treuse, I am giving both lines the Hiking in Stilettos seal of approval!

The Wish designs are flirty and fun with a bit of a twist, and the Treuse pieces that I have seen are feminine and bright, yet sophisticated. (The images to the left are two dresses from Teuese that I am currently in love with, and I can't wait to see what is next.) I especially love some of the "Midnight Moscow" designs from Wish, and I agree with Joanne in that they would look fabulous with some chunky, nude sandals!

Also, the price tag on these wonderful designs is pretty reasonable, ranging from $60 - $300, which is still much less than off-the-runway designers. If/when I receive more information from Joanne, I will fill you in. Take a peek at the Wish website, and tell me what you think!

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