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Monday, April 13

An All-American Evening

This past Saturday, K and I went to the Braves baseball game with one of our favorite couples, my girl Kindredly and her hubby. I haven't been to a major league baseball game since high school, and it was a blast. We munched on a yummy seven-layer Mexican dip (my sister's recipe) and turkey burgers in the parking lot before heading into the stadium. When in Rome, right?

The Braves won, which made the evening end on a happy note despite the cold weather that crept in when the sun set. Luckily the kind woman sitting beside me shared her blanket. God bless her!

Overall, the night was a definite success, and I think we'll be repeating it once the weather warms a bit. While the boys had some manly bonding time, Ashley and I talked mostly about fashion and decorating. It was perfect! You should definitely check out her blog; both she and her husband are hilarious, plus she's super stylish.

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Arlynn said...

I love Braves games!!! And so does the Hubs, making this an ideal outing for us! Although neither on of us are really into baseball, go figure.

I'm fortuneate to get 4 tickets to a couple of games throughout the season from work, so we usually invite another couple for a great night out.

Glad to see the braves back in play, it means that summer isn't too far away : - )

Unknown said...

Yay for a good evening! I had a blast with you guys and can't wait for next time!