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Friday, April 10

Mr. Strauss and Co.

A few months ago, I posted about my newfound appreciation for Levi's jeans. I had never had much luck with them in the past, but I am eating my words. I finally found a pair of the low-waist skinnies on sale at Kohl's while shopping for my nephew's Easter presents. Kohl's! Not to be snobby or anything, but I just don't shop at Kohl's. (This is mainly because the only things that I ever think are cute are in the Vera Wang collection and they never fit me.) Anyway, the skinny Levi's are perfect, dark wash, supper skinny, and super comfy.

On another denim note, I also ran across a pair of high-waisted Guess jeans on major sale over the past weekend. The denim gods must be smiling on me as of late. The only slight downside to the Guess jeans is that they are waaaay too long, so a bit of hemming will be in order. After said hemming, I'm planning a white tank tucked in with some nude platform sandals for a slightly retro look. Stay tuned for outfit posts and for some fun happenings this weekend. (I've been a bit scarce lately due to academic endeavors that are now coming to a close. I do apologize, my lovelies.) Xoxo.

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Bianca said...

so pretty,

xx the crumpet girls

paanie said...

the jean gods are def in your favor. can't wait to see what outfits you put together.