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Wednesday, May 13

our {long} weekend {in pictures}

As a vacation of sorts, K and I spent a long weekend in town just laying low, enjoying time together sans studying, working, or being on call. Here is some happiness from our blissful three days...

{colorful pansies...}

feeding the {outcast} duck outside our apartment...
this little guy is always getting picked on by the other ducks. seriously.

roasted asparagus. yum.

fresh strawberries from a farm just down the street
{at times i do love living in the country}

stopping to smell the roses {literally}...

{meet fluffy}
we saved this little dude during his attempted road crossing.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Unknown said...

That poor duck. I'm so glad he's still alive. We saw him get jumped twice in five minutes while we were leaving your place after the Braves game. If I knew how to successfully transport a duck in a car, he would be at Jonathan's golf course lake right now.

Glad you saved the turtle.

And...glad you had a nice, low key weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Fluffy is one lucky guy! Very cut :-)

Ali said...

Fluffy the turtle is lovely! I am very pleased to know that you have ducks in your life too... check my latest blog (they are following me I SWEAR)

Ashley said...

Ash, he's still alive somehow, but his neck feathers are all missing. It's really sad, but he's got a buddy that I am certain is his body guard. PS. I neeeeed to see you soon.

Voyage, thanks for reading! Fluffy was sent home with my nephews and is quite happy :)

Alison, the ducks may well be following you :) Ours will sit in the middle of the road and refuse to move when cars come. Hopefully yours are more well-behaved.

Ali said...

Thank you for your comments. In my recovery from this thing, it helps to interact!

I am headed to Physical Therapy... think the ducks or cuteness himself with be there?

paanie said...

fluffy is sooo cute! whenever you need a turtle sitter you know where to turn!