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Sunday, June 28

sweet sweet sui

Queen of vintage-inspired designs, Anna Sui, is creating a line for Target's GO! International collection. The Sui designs, inspired by Gossip Girl characters Blair, Jenny, Serena, and Vanessa, will be available in stores and online beginning September 13.

I have to say that when I first heard the news I was ecstatic. Anna Sui has long been among my favorite designers, and I can't deny my love for GG; however, after seeing the lookbook, I am honestly a bit disappointed. I am sure that a few of the garments will find their way in to my closet, but I fear that the actual product won't hold up to the grandiose idea from which it was inspired.

Still, I can't help but crave the Serena-inspired silver dress, those Vanessa Frye-like boots, and the Jenny-esque black booties. Sigh. I am so ready for fall.

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Winnie said...

How exciting, too bad there is no Target over here in the UK. I can definitely see the inspiration..I LOVE that first dress!

Unknown said...

I'm all about the boots.