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Sunday, July 26

weekend adventure no. 14: {high shoals, ga}

k and i recently enjoyed a weekend in the north georgia mountains
visiting some of our favorite friends.

our drive up was so lovely...
filled with rolling hills and country homes

once in the mountains,
we hiked down to a local water fall, high shoals.
the boys braved the arctic waters, while the girls took pictures

the river water was so cold!
my little feet were quite content to dip into the crevices of the rocks
without actually immersing into the frigid pool

overall, it was a lovely little getaway
the falls were beautiful and serene, and the weather was perfect.
we enjoyed our time together in the solitude of the woods
and sharing the day with our dear friends.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


a frock a day said...

What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! I wish my weekend were half as interesting as yours.

Were those your sandals? :) Wasn't it difficult to hike in those?

JennyMac said...

Great day and love the pics!

Angela said...

sounds like a lovely day!!!!

rohit said...

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Ashley said...

Thanks to you all for reading and commenting! I love to read your comments!

Frock, not all my weekends are quite that interesting ;) but it was a fun little trip. I didn't actually do the hiking in sandals, although I do have a reputation for wearing completely inappropriate footwear in such circumstances.. I had a pair of tennies in my pack!