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Wednesday, July 29

part of the crew

i am often asked to define my personal style, and well,
i find it quite a daunting task.
my style is somewhere where feminine-romantic meets 70s rock meets professional preppy with a few other things mixed in
{like i said.. kind of a daunting task}
i am often a jeans and t-shirt girl, and i like oversize accessories to spice it up.
there is definitely a hint of old school rock to my style...
think more almost famous and less ashlee simpson
and i adore mixing menswear pieces with frills,
especially blazers, vests, and button-down shirts.
as i move forward with my career, i find myself drawn more to structured pieces and less to trendy tees and tanks
{although i do still love the trendy tees and tanks}

i don't think i will ever find one store or brand that is 100% my style,
but the most recent jcrew catalog, east of eden, is definitely part of the fray.
i adore the romantic pieces, the pastel color palette, and the oversized, layered jewelry.
i would pair the pastels with a bright jacket, clutch, or peep toes.
i will definitely be perusing the catalog pages for inspiration come cooler weather.
way to go, jcrew. good show.

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copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Sean said...

it's just simply Ashley, start the trend!

AsianCajuns said...

Oh Cath and I loved that catalog too- and it does look so much like you! Cath and I are also going towards more structure- especially for work. Sheesh- I guess this means we're grown ups for real ;)

Lesley said...

i almost did this exact same post. too funny. so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I"m definitely with you--JCrew has been hitting it perfectly lately in terms of my personal style. I love the oversized candy-like accessories mixed in with the different textures with their clothing layering. Great post!

Winnie said...

Style is so hard to define don't you think?

I love the colours from that catalog...

Meg said...

I find looking at J. Crew catalogs destresses me more that it makes me want to buy clothes. The way they lay out color choices and the settings the models pose in are so relaxing. Kind of like petting a dog, which they say is therapeutic, hence doggy visits to old folks homes. Maybe they should distribute J. Crew catalogs there, too.
(way to tackle your style description - quite the feat!!)

JennyMac said...

I must say I am shocked that JCrew is just so fabulous now. Love your post and must give them reconsideration!