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Sunday, August 9

{indoor adventure}

a couple weeks ago, k ordered a new tent from rei,
so the day it came in we did the only proper thing...
we set it up in our living room.

it was surprisingly easy to put together,
despite our silliness and laughter.

our new addition is an rei taj 3 {i like that name}, and
we named him hector because he is strong enough to withstand something ridiculous like 100mph winds.
there is much more room in this tent than in our other one,
so no more waking up with my nose touching the side or fumbling around at my feet trying to find my flashlight or water bottle.
hector has plenty of room for both sleeping and storing packs,
and he is light enough to take backpacking!

thank you rei for making such a great tent!
we can't wait to try it out!

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

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