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Saturday, August 8

things i learned at camp {part 1}

well my lovelies, i am back from camp.
it was an interesting week, and i am exhausted,
but i am very glad to be home.
{i will post some pictures later, after they are developed.
i was scared of losing my camera, so i went 1990s style and used a disposable.}

here are a few frivolous things i learned during my stay at camp twin lakes:

how to do the "stanky leg"{it's a dance, don't worry}
that ponies really like for you to pet their noses
that lake kayaking is much easier than river kayaking
how to shoot a bow and arrow {although i only hit the target once}
that i despise taking a shower wearing flip flops
how to make dining hall food taste better
that oatmeal with strawberries is my new favorite breakfast

although this past week was bereft of the comforts of home, it was for a really great cause.
see, camp twin lakes isn't like any other camp.
it is specially designed for children with various challenges,
from cancer and blood disorders {camp rainbow}
to downs syndrome and other complications {camp infinity}
to heart transplants {camp braveheart} and brain injuries
{camp hardgrove}
and many many many more.
my campers, for example, were all sickle cell patients,
and our camp was called camp new hope.
{each group of children has their own camp name}

i don't want to get too into the details,
but i do want to say that seeing a little girl being taken out of her wheel chair, strapped into a sling harness, and pulled two stories into the air to go down the zip line was about the most heart-wrenching thing i have ever seen.
she was ecstatic
even writing about it brings tears to my eyes.

without the facility at camp twin lakes, this child {and so many others} would never have had the opportunity to do the things that the average child does at camp.
the grounds are designed to accommodate any medical equipment,
and the medical lodge has the capability to provide any type of treatment necessary,
from chemotherapy to blood transfusions to dialysis,

so that these children can have a typical camp experience
while still maintaining their health care.

for more info on camp twin lakes, visit their website.
there are so many ways to get involved,
from volunteering as a counselor
{there are weekend, day, and week-long camps}
to a simple monetary donation.

i know that i will continue to support camp twin lakes with both my time and money.
it is truly an inspiring place.


copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Arlynn said...

Wow, what an awesome experience?!?

That seem like one of those experiences that you may really only get a few times in a lifetime - you know that you helped make those little kid's loves, and they won't forget you :-)

Can't wait to see some pictures... I have a feeling that post may be a tear-jerker.

AsianCajuns said...

What an inspiring way to spend a week, A! Glad you had a good time (minus those flip-flop showers- I hate those too!). We had fun guest-blogging- thanks for inviting us to!