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Saturday, August 1

{layer cake}

so last night k and i watched the movie layer cake, and i started thinking a bit about men's style.
there are men who can pull off fashion-forward styles,
men who look best in suits and ties,
the ubiquitous college man attire {plaid shorts and a popped-collar polo, gag},
and the rock and roll guys with their i-don't-care-attitude,
just to name a few.

and then, there are those men who fall somewhere in the middle...
not exactly fashion-forward, but definitely not american eagle prototypes.
they look great in suits, but their professions don't necessitate daily bests.
it is this last group of men for whom, in my opinion, dressing well is the most difficult.

enter daniel craig's character from layer cake,
his style is a mix of fitted jeans, sweaters {even a cardigan}, and solid color tees...
not exactly cutting edge fashion, but he looks great.
i think the key to his style is the fit of his clothes,
fitted but not too tight {we don't need to see every muscle in your upper torso},
and the choice of shoes {love the ones above}, but that's just me.

of course there are a few well-fitting suits, complete with a skinny tie,
and, let's be honest, who doesn't love a man in a suit?

but what sold the look for me was the leather jacket.
the simplicity of the jacket is perfect,
not too motorcycle-riding-bad-boy, but still manly and tough.
again, the fit is perfect. not too loose and not too tight.

{oh, and the movie was quite good, if you were wondering.}

so, dear readers, i will pose the inevitable question:
what is/are your favorite thing{s} for your man to wear?
and for any of you male readers, what do you wear to look stylish without being too overbearing?
i'm very interested to hear what you may have to say!!


copyright Hiking in Stilettos


AsianCajuns said...

Ooo I totally agree with you (though my thoughts are slightly biased when it comes to Daniel Craig ;)

I love guys in fitted, but not too fitted stuff too. In that vein, I kind of hope huge cargo shorts or board shorts die forever- just not flattering. I also hope James Bond/Daniel Craig speedo shorts come back in to style (again, slightly biased by the DC aspect).

Ashley said...

Ha, my opinions may be slightly biased as well. I do love DC!