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Wednesday, September 9

selby inspirations

i find that the most difficult room in a house to style is the office.
given a blank slate and an unlimited budget,
i am quite certain that i could create a magnificent library,
complete with stylish, comfy chairs, floor to ceiling bookshelves,
a cozy fireplace, and incredible lighting...

however, when dealing with a {somewhat} small apartment
and a basically nonexistent budget,
the task becomes significantly more difficult.
alas, i am taking some office inspiration from the best,
the selby.

love the pink walls {of course}

love the red shelves

i do adore chalkboard paint

the difference in the self heights here adds interest

love the map, the collage-esque corner, and the use of books to add height

all images courtesy of the selby
copyright Hiking in Stilettos

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