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Wednesday, October 21

jimmy choo, i want you

so, in case you somehow haven't heard,
jimmy choo is designing a line of accessories and clothing
for select h&m stores, including the one in atlantic station!
{get excited atl people!}
the line is set to debut on november 14,
and the price points for the shoes are $99-$129.
{read more on h&m press site}

images courtesy of h&m

so i know this is kind of old news,
{i think i found out in june?}
but i just couldn't let myself get excited until it was really real,
you know?

even still, i don't want to get my hopes up too much.
we all know that the lower price point collections
are usually not quite as glamorous as we wish them to be,
but jimmy choo?!
yes, please.

we all know where i will be shortly after november14.
i think i'll drag my girl kindredly with me for a second opinion.
she's got a good eye for shoes ;)

keep a look out for a follow up post!


copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Arlynn said...

YAY! Can't wait to start shopping :-)

I'm hoping to find a fabulous pair of classic pumps... wish me good luck!

Unknown said...

Thanks Sister! Do you think we should camp outside of H&M on Nov 13th to assure we get our size? I'm in for sure!

Danielle said...

Thanks for the heads up about the atlantic station h&m!! I will have to go too!!!