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Thursday, October 22

a peek inside

i love seeing where and how other people live...
what their living rooms look like,
what foods are in their pantries and cupboards,
whether they have messy closets or neat ones,
what they carry in their bags on a daily basis, etc.

that is why i adore this project:

he takes a portrait shot
and then a shot of what is in the person's bag.
i love it.

my lovely friend lesley wrote about it on her blog. check it out!

i looked through all sixty pictures in the set last night,
and i was intrigued by every one.
it's so interesting to see what we all deem necessary daily items.
check out the collection, and let me know what you think!

images courtesy of j. trav on flickr
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Unknown said...

ha! that's funny. My friend Kristen (KFD Designs) is featured! She did a post on this a while back... i didn't realize it until I saw her face pop up!

beccaweber said...

i love it! but i think they must be tossing out a bunch of the trash (old reciepts, etc) that i'm sure we all have as well! haha

ps: more outfit posts, please!


Mauri said...

i have so enjoyed following your blog lately! i love it!

i linked you in my blog today :)