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Sunday, November 1

coloring {inside} the lines

i am absolutely dying to paint the walls in our apartment,
but unfortunately, it is very much against the rules.
still, i am so inspired by these lovely images
and wish that i could paint our walls turquoise.

in a living room or den:

in a bedroom in combination with chartreuse:

in a vintage kitchen with pops of red:

behind the sofa with a "keep calm and carry on" print:

in an office with black and white contrast:

or perhaps a turquoise door somewhere?

definitely in our next home.
the only problem would be deciding which room....

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

1 comment:

beccaweber said...

i used to have a turquoise wall (well, wall and a half or so, because they weren't all full walls...) in my old atlanta apartment! it always made me sooo happy. i wish i could paint in this new place, but no such luck :(