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Wednesday, November 11

sequin sensation

something that i cannot currently {or ever} get enough of:

i have always gravitated toward sparkly, shiny things,
{i blame it on my ballet days of sparkly pink tutus... or just my innate girliness}
and sequins are pretty much always at the top of my list.
that being said, i am in heaven with the current sequin trend.

sequin sensation

sequins add a layer of glamour to any outfit,
from casual jeans and a blazer to a party dress for the holidays,
and they are showing up everywhere from the runway to ann taylor loft to F21.

here are some ways to include sequins into your wardrobe:

i will definitely be breaking out some of my favorite
sequined items for more than just holiday parties,
but what about you, lovely readers?
will you be exploring the new sequin trend
or do you think these pieces are just too over the top?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


McMel said...

probably won't be putting sequins on my already "look at me, i'm pregnant" belly, but definitely a fan of the sequins- have a few pieces from previous seasons that I can't wait to get back into!

Unknown said...

Love. Funny you posted-- InStyle just tweeted about a $1,800 sequined vest that totally made me drool. :)

AsianCajuns said...

Oh I looove the sequin trend too! I want sequin leggings and a sequin top (to be worn separately ;) and I'll toughen then up with some pleather (haha- that sounds so not classy ;)

Ali said...

LOVE sequins. The other night I was forced to wear sequins to dinner with my Grandmother due to a laundry error (I didn't do laundry for 3 days).

She was quite horrified, but I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I LOVE sequins. They are awesome. Like, totally awesome. I didn't even know that they are back in style because I always rock them whenever I can and because I have no money and haven't even thought about going shopping in forever. I have seen a lot of sweater dresses tho. With no sequins

emmy-ray said...

I found your blog via "The Lucky Stone", and love it! Count me as a new reader, and I love me a sequin or two as well. I was addicted even as a child.