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Wednesday, November 4


we all know that i have a soft spot for cynthia rowley,
especially when it comes to dresses,
so it is so surprise that i have quite a few favorites in her spring 2010 collection.

british vogue says that
"bleeding neckline dresses, slashed pants, shattered sequin sweaters,
purposely threadbare tanks and shredded canvas belts and mules
made it feel like we’d just stumbled into a Tim Burton movie,"
but i must add that it is a very glamorous
and feminine tim burton movie,
and one in which i would gladly play a starring role.

images courtesy of cynthia rowley

i love the shorter but full skirts,
the asymmetry of the dresses,
the layering and broaches,
the bleeding of colors into white ,
and the ruffles and tiers of fabric.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

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