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Thursday, November 5

variations {on a ragamuffin theme}

between the cool, wet, dreary weather
and my ridiculously large pile of schoolwork,
i feel like lately i have been living in variations of the same outfit:

cardi and tee, Target; scarf, Ann Taylor Loft; jeans and earrings, F21; boots, Rack Room Shoes

let me talk about this scarf for a minute...
it's from the loft, and i am in loooove with it.
so soft, so colorful, and from my bestie.

for rainier days spent indoors studying
i substituted black cotton leggings from my ballet days
and sweater boots for an even more cozy look {and feel}.

i am also quite attached to this headband.
it's a great way to pull off a quick up-do
without looking too much like a ragmuffin.

variations were always among my favorite
pieces to dance to as a young ballerina,
and my recent obsession with tights, long cardis, and sweater boots
must have something to do with my missing the dance studio.
lately i have been reminiscing about my ballet days,
and these outfits are a fond reminder.
i really think it's a comfort thing.
dancing was always my safe haven,
so dance-inspired clothes put me quite at ease.

what do you wear when you want to be your most cozy self?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Unknown said...

I love that headband.

Danielle said...

Great mix of patterns and colors with the sweater, scarf and earrings!

clare @ the pretty walrus said...

ok, a very random question for you - how do you manage to get the headband to stay put? when i wear one, they ALWAYS slip off :(

(love the look btw! :))

Kb_Mal said...

I bought some Ugg-ish type boots at Costco the other weekend and I can't take them off. So comfy. I thought I'd never own a pair of boots like these but I'm so glad I do.

Love the yellow and grey cardi. :)