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Tuesday, November 17

things i love: guy scarves

every girl loves a well-dressed man,
especially when he has just a bit of style.
you know the kind i mean... not too over the top,
but just a hint of something different.

among my favorite ways for guys to accessorize
{although i am quite sure husband never thinks of accessorizing himself}
is with a scarf.

from the casual look of scarves with jeans
to cozier winter scarves and coats,
to finishing touches on a suit,
i simply adore my man in a scarf.

image via Le 21eme Arrondissement

images via jcrew

image via zara

image via the gap

what about you, my lovelies?
what is your favorite thing for your man wear?

and for you fellows out there,
how do you feel about scarves?
oui ou non?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


clare @ the pretty walrus said...

oh boy, OUI!!!

Unknown said...

I love love love scarves on men too! That last picture of John K is hottt. I wonder if I can get JG on board with this? He's so cute when he's fashionable.

My fave thing on JG is one of those puffy vests with a sweater. That boy knows how to layer quite well. I'll give him that...even though right now his hair is a little mullet-esque, and he's gravitating toward "country boy" wear...

AsianCajuns said...

Oh I love a man in a scarf- and I really love a man in a hat! Don't you wish men still wore hats? There's something very gentlemanly and subtly sexy about a man in a hat- le swoon ;)

beccaweber said...

boys in sweaters & scarves = yummmmmmm. :)

Ashley said...

thanks for all the comments, ladies!

kindredly, JG really does know how to layer well. i think that the jcrew looks are a bit more the kind of thing JG and kev would look good in. one day he'll have to wear suits to work, but right now not so much...

AC, i love men in hats too :) i miss the days when men wore hats and women wore gloves.. and hats!

luxe, i bet that there are quite a few gents across the pond sporting these types of looks!! and i miss you!

Cheyenne Martin said...

I have been trying to get my fiance to wear a scarf forever. Even if it's a gift, it's hard to get it on him. I try making sure the colors are very masculine and presenting it to him only when it's really cold outside. I found a great company with Fair Trade scarves - they each come with a tag that has a picture of the exact person who made them. Pretty sweet! Check them out at