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Saturday, December 5

cup vs. mug

the other day my bestie and i had a conversation
about coffee cups vs. coffee mugs.
as much as i love many of my vintage tea cups,
i drink my daily coffee out of over sized mugs,
even if i don't fill it up all the way.
i just like the feeling of a big, warm cup in my tiny hands.

a mug filled with hot chocolate mix and peppermint
or spiced tea and gingerbread
is a simple, personal gift for anyone on your list
that won't send you into financial distress.

an easy place to find unique mugs is anthro
or search online for really unique mugs
husband would love this trigger mug from a+r

this hand painted tree mug from etsy is perfect for an outdoorsy guy or gal

a monogram mug from this seller is an easy gift for anyone on your list

vintage tea cups definitely have their place in my life,
but as for daily use, i am a mug type of gal.

what about you?
are you a cup or a mug person?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


clare @ the pretty walrus said...

definitely a mug person! and i so ♥ that second one you posted!!

Unknown said...

mugs for sure! mine is huge and has a painted portrait of a Pomeranian on it.