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Thursday, December 3

opinions, please!

one item that i have long been coveting for in my kitchen
is a kitchen aid electric stand mixer.
i absolutely love to bake, and i know i would use it quite often,
so it definitely is not a matter of if i will purchase one
but more a matter of when i will purchase one.

that being said, i placed one on our wedding registry
simply hoping to acquire enough gift card credit to purchase it.
this coming weekend, macys is doing a friends and family discount,
and i think it is time to take the plunge.
between gift cards and the discount, it's not a bad price.
here's my issue.....

this is the one i originally wanted {the one that i registered for}
i simply adore the color.
i think the turquoise makes the mixer look that much more vintage,
and you know how much i want to rework my kitchen
into a vintage turquoise and red color scheme
and how much i like turquoise in any room in our home.

here is the more practical option:
i am definitely not drawn to the white, but i don't really mind it.
the only reason it is in the running is price.
this one is $100 less.***
it is a bit smaller than its competition,
but honestly, it's pretty comparable.
also, it is a color than can be incorporated into any kitchen.
i do love my red and turquoise and don't foresee that changing,
but in thirty years i may feel differently.
{and yes, i plan on still using it in thirty years. it's a lifetime kind of appliance.}

so, my dears, what would you do?
go with the prettier, more expensive one
since we are using gift cards
or go with the less colorful, less expensive one
and use excess gift cards for something else fun as well
{a nice menswear watch, makeup from benefit, jeans for husband}

***EDIT: after the discount/coupon the difference between the two is $70.

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Lesley said...

not even up for debate. get the big daddy in your favorite color. i think you'd be disappointed with a white one. the other one is so you and i think you'll still love it in thirty years! xoxo!!

beccaweber said...

get the pretty one. it will make you happier and you'll love it a lot more for many many years to come...much more than you'd ever miss the extra $100. if you can afford it, i say splurge! even if you can't afford it, maybe you can tell the hubby to consider the extra dough (haha, see what i did there?) a christmas present. :)

Unknown said...

I agree; although, I am like you and lean toward practical when it comes to purchasing extra goodies for myself and JG. Since you love baking so much, and it will make you so happy to have the turquoise, go with it. When you've moved away from that color scheme in 30 years, it will be that one quirky piece you love!

Also, I thought we'd abandoned hope on the husband denim quest? Good luck!

Kelley said...

Go with the white so you can remodel your kitchen a million times and still love your mixer. I just got one (it's stainless steel) and I am SO in love with it!!!

Unknown said...


Sean said...

While I want to be optimistic and say it'll last you 30 probably won't because the motor will eventually die out.

Splurge if you can but you can always replace it (in a day) when you're making +$60 an hour in 2 years.

Kb_Mal said...

I would get the plain one... you may plan to display it now, but the mixer may very likely end up under your sink or in a pantry... where the color doesn't get to show off.

p.s. I'm funky with my clothing but conservative with my kitchen decor. :)

guildedsecret. said...

ooo i have to be honest - the teal mixer is totally worth it!


Unknown said...

PS...about the motor. JG's mom has two mixers because her first one died. Well, she's located a genius who fixes these things and she's giving her old one to us. They can be the question is what am I going to do with one of these? I'm a disaster in the kitchen.

Unknown said...

i got one for my wedding and i LOVE it!

here's where i come down: is it going to be on your counter a lot? if it is, then go with the blue but if it's not, then get the white. i don't have a lot of counter space and it weighs a million pounds so mine lives in the pantry.