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Tuesday, December 15

gifts for: the outdoorsy man

i love christmas.
i also love giving christmas presents,
especially when you know it's something that
the other person is really going to love.

sometimes it's a bit hard to figure out exactly what a great present would be.
so i have a few lists that will hopefully give you some ideas.

if you have someone on your list who spends his saturdays
riding mountain bikes, running on trails, kayaking,
hiking, adventure racing, cycling, or camping,
then the following gift ideas are where you want to be.

a paracord tactical bracelet
{it unwinds to 10 feet of tough parachute cord if you are ever in a bind.}

a headlamp to light the way

a moosejaw hoodie to keep him warm

a watch that does it all: the garmin forerunner

or, for an easy shipping option, how about a magazine subscription
i can recommend both of these for providing great trip ideas
for every part of the country.
a gift he is sure to love.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


AsianCajuns said...

So I went to this outdoorsy store in Chattanooga last weekend just to have a look around. All the store clerks kept asking me if I was looking for anything in particular b/c I'm sure I looked so out of place in there and I kept thinking how much I needed your outdoorsy fashion knowledge!

Unknown said...

K was talking about that bracelet last time you guys were at the house. I forgot about it and got JG a braided one from Urban. Although, I don't think JG will ever find himself in a bind and needing rope while he's knee deep in bar-b-que in the backyard.

Wolfmaan said...

I love the paracord bracelet! Cheers for posting!