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Thursday, December 17

"Ga Ga ooh la la"

Word up, folks. It's Ashley from Kindredly, and A asked me to fill in for her while she's incommunicado. For whatever reason, I have the hardest time coming up with something "worthy" enough for Hiking in Stilettos, but today I've got it.

Lady GaGa.

I posted about my love for Lady G on Kindredly last month. I love her. Some people think she's too much. Some people think she's weird. I think she's too much, and I think she's weird -- but I L.O.V.E. it. I love all her crazy hairdos and outfits and songs. She just throws it out there for us all to accept or reject. I've accepted it so much that I've practially morphed into a blonde with a bow permanently fixed on top of my head.

My girlfriend, Kim, called me to let me know Lady GaGa was coming to Atlanta December 28 & 29, and when they went on sale, they sold out in minutes. We realized we were going to have to go through a ticket broker to go, and we'd pay more....and we did, and we're going. On December 29, I will be at the Fox dancing and singing my face off. I. Can't. Wait.

In preparation for Lady G's arrival, I've done a little shopping. I figured my outfit couldn't just be jeans and a cute top (although, that is totally fine for some, just not me), so I scoured the internet for inspiration and ideas. The only thing I could up with was GLITTER!!! and SEQUINS!! Give me something shiny!!

Hiking in Stilettos featured a
sequin post that I drooled over. Re-check it. I want that sequin strapless dress for my upcoming Vegas trip!

With the sparkly idea in mind, I ended up with this...

This is the "Sequin Extravaganza Skirt" from Forever21, which you know is questionable online. I can't tell if something is going to be heinous in person when I shop their site, so I just buy it and send back if it looks cheap. Their online return policy is flexible, and they're quick getting your money back to you. The measurements of this skirt.....are 12"x 30". The 12" being the length (of course because a 12" waist would be a preposterous idea for me). For the record, my ass is probably 12.5". The gym hasn't kicked in that quickly. My plan is to pair it with black tights and this....

This is the "String Back Top" from F21, which is also going for $42 at Lulus, btw. It's loose fitting to help balance out the shortness of the skirt (this is my plan, at least), and I got it for a steal at $17.

Finally, because it's December (and I'm no longer in college wearing backless shirts and short skirts), I'm layering this on top...

I blogged about this blazer from Urban a few months ago. It was originally $68, but I got it on sale for $35. I feel very MJ when I wear it. I got it in a small, but it's a little baggy. Again, this will only help with a 12" long skirt.

I'll finish up the outfit with my black booties and maybe a hairbow fixed perfectly on top of my head....

Thoughts? Suggestions? You are all such fashionistas!

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