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Monday, December 7

outerwear outings

living in the south i really don't have need of a winter coat.
we do experience some pretty cold days during january and february,
but it is nothing compared to the snowy north.

since i would need to spend quite a bit
to find a nice wool coat that actually fits me well,
i often settle for more trendy versions at lower price points.

i found this lovely guy on sale at h&m earlier this year.
he made his fashion debut this past week
for husband's office christmas party and for church on sunday.

it's a great piece at a great price,
definitely warm and snug, and pretty versatile.
the over sized collar is my favorite part.
it looks best buttoned all the way up like a cowl neck
{which isn't shown in either of these pictures}
and the belt helps to hide the fact that it's a little too big.

since our snowfall may consist of six inches on a good year,
and the really cold weather only lasts a few months,
it is completely unjustifiable to spend a lot on a winter coat.
as much as i absolutely love the one from anthropologie,
it's just not practical to spend that much when i live in the south.

one day when we move north or west,
i am sure i will invest in a more durable winter coat,
but for now i will stick with h&m, f21, and the bp department at nordstrom

where do you go to find affordable winter coats?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Unknown said...

i live in chicago and i have a shorter wool coat from h&m that gets me through about halfway through december.

after that, it's serious winter coats only. mine has gotten me through chicago, boston, and new york winters and is still going strong since 2001. it's a gorgeous ankle length black wool coat with a huge hood and was (believe it or not) purchased at burlington coat factory for $180.

Unknown said...

Macy's after winter sale in the spring. I got a great coat with an oversized collar too, but it doesn't button all the way up. It's great for work, but I have nothing for casual. :(

McMel said...

i have 3 great coats from old navy- although they don't make their coats nearly as well these days. Delia*s also has some great coats- and at great prices when spring rolls around. I've also gotten coats from Macy's and ebay. I currently have 7 coats- and those were all bought living in Georgia! This will be my first Chicago winter- I just hope that these coats are sufficient- i have yet to break down and buy a maternity coat!

Ashley said...

katie, i can completely understand your need for serious (ankle length) coats. i would freeeeeeze without one somewhere like chicago or new york. i never tried burlington, but i may have to look into it!

kindredly, i just got a pleather from f21 this year as a casual coat. it's about the best i could find, but it's a nice plum color :)

mel, i never thought about ebay! great suggestion. it's funny that all your coats are from your ga days :) good luck with your first chicago winter! i am sure it will be quite a change!