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Tuesday, December 8

oh, ellen

one of the good things about finals week
is that i am back home by about lunchtime every day.
this means that i am at home when ellen show airs.

i love ellen degeneres.
i think she is absolutely hilarious.
i watched her show last year during my workout hour,
and i almost fell off the treadmill from laughing.
not only is the show incredible comic relief from a mound of schoolwork,
ellen gives so much away to people who really need help.
she gave a car, christmas money, a gas card, and some extra cash
to a single mom who couldn't afford to provide christmas for her children this year.

during december ellen also does "12 days of giveaways"
where she gives ridiculously incredible prizes to the people in the audience.
we're talking digital cameras, gift cards to target, qvc, barnes & noble,
laptops, palm pixis, lcd tvs, photo printers...
you get the idea.
so yesterday i was watching and taking a break from studying,
when she broke my heart just a little bit.
{i know this is really quite silly, so don't laugh at me...}
she gave away a red kitchenaid mixer to everyone in the audience.
a red stand mixer that would be so perfect in my kitchen.
i didn't care about the camera, the printer, or the hdtv.
just the mixer.

{note, that this is after i found out that my "discount" at macy's
is only 10% which really doesn't help, so i decided not to get one.}

so i will watch ellen today with a slightly saddened heart.
if only i could teleport to los angeles to go to the show.

i do think that a {post-pharmacy school} trip to cali is in order.
and when that trip comes around,
you better believe the ellen show is on my list.


images courtesy of the ellen degeners show
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


McMel said...

Ellen is absolutely hysterical, and a kitchenaid mixer has been on my list for years- husband doesn't get the hint

Unknown said...

awwww. Sad.

I love Ellen too.