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Tuesday, January 26

fantastic 40s

{there is a very good chance that this blouse will make it's way into my closet before spring is over.}

it's no secret that i have a love/hate relationship with urban outfitters. on one hand, i can usually find some pretty cool things there either for our apartment or for myself. on the other, the prices are overly inflated and the trends often go too far towards rocker chic style for my taste.

that being said, i was pleasantly surprised {as were many of my fellow fashion followers} by the spring catalog and the 1940s collection, the golden age, that is currently on the website homepage.

i love the vintage-inspired style {of course} and the dainty quality of the photos. i can just imagine that first blouse with a high-waisted skirt and red lipstick... or that blue polka dot skirt with a white deep v-neck tee and some adorable wedges. unfortunately, the items are still overpriced, considering that one could easily thrift something comparable for a fraction of the cost. however, one thing i can say about uo is that their clothes actually fit me, so i will be keeping my eye on a few of these pieces.

what do you think? are you a fan of the golden age?

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copyright Hiking in Stilettos


esme and the laneway said...

I really like some of these things – and the photos are gorgeous.

Unknown said...

you could pull all of this off and look fabulous. I love UO, but you are right about the prices. I put a bunch of stuff on a wishlist and watch it like a hawk until it goes on sale. :)

There is one cami (for $78) that I'm currently hoping goes on sale. Perf for Vegas.

Diane said...

such great picks here. love UO!

beccaweber said...

love it! also, my stance on UO is that it's worth it if you wait it out and get their stuff when it's on sale. the sale prices are fair, even though i'm sure they still make a ton of money over wholesale. rare--if ever--is the occasion i've paid full price for something from UO. or anthro or FP, for that matter.

A "cheery" disposition said...

I am so excited about the 40's trend coming into style again.