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Saturday, January 16

oh how i love glee

i have been meaning to post about fox's new show, glee, for quite a while.
perhaps it is because of the ridiculously fun musical segments, or because of jane lynch's dry humor, or because of the adorable preppiness of jayma mays, or because in high school i was part of what would have been considered a glee club,
{we had song/dance routines that we preformed at all the schools within the county and for the public}
but i simply love glee.

i think that jayma mays' character is just the sweetest with her bizarre quirks and cardigans, but i really do love her style.

{image credit}

{image credit}

i love how jayma mays' character, emma, is so blatantly preppy and conservative, yet still manages to look quite fashionable through accessorizing and vibrant color combinations. i think this look is perfect for professional/workplace attire... conservative yet not dull.

what do you think? do you love glee {and emma} as much as i do?

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AsianCajuns said...

I've only watch Glee a couple of times. It's a little too musical theatery for me, but I do love Jayma May's character and fitting outfits.

clare @ the pretty walrus said...

i am LOVING Glee (just mentioned it in a post today in fact!), and I would have to agree about Emma... she is possibly my favourite character!

stephschneider said...

love emma the most, the show is so fun. thanks for linking to us!