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Tuesday, January 5

spectacular spectacles

because i wear my contacts most days, i haven't updated my glasses in about four years. with an eye doctor appointment in the near future, i have decided that some new specs are quite overdue.

the ones i have now are small brown frames with a light blue lining inside the lenses. i absolutely love them and the way they reflect the blue in my eyes, but it think it is time to move on. i am really leaning towards oversized frames, but i am wary of them being too trendy. i do want them to last another four years, so maybe i should just find some frames without prescription lenses....

decisions, decisions.

alas, some of my inspirations for oversized frames.
they would look so great with red lipstick, and you know how i feel about red lipstick.

{via the indiehippie}

{via chocoxcoco}

{via the cherry blossom girl}

{via bordons on flickr}

so, what you do think? should i take the plunge and go for the prescription lenses or play it safe and try to find some clear ones?

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Unknown said...

You know, I think YOU can totally OWN whatever you put on. You just can. It's a gift. BUT. I have the overwhelming urge to tell you to stay safe with frames you will want to wear for years. UNLESS, you prefer to own them even when the trend has passed. Which you can totally do, as previously mentioned.

I wish I wore glasses. They are so fun. I have a near-blind father and my mom needs readers, so maybe one day. :)

Unknown said...

I think you should go for it. Yeah it's trendy but when else are you going to get to wear such cool frames again? if you really like them (and i do- esp. the cherry blossom girl's), you'll regret missing the boat if you go with the safe frames. you're only young enough to pull of the uber trendy stuff once- might as well take advantage of it!

AsianCajuns said...

Ooo I had the same dilemma when I got my new classes last spring. What made it easy was that I looked totally goofy in trendier shapes (Cath looks great in them- though she just has them in the non-prescription version). The glasses I choose are small and a see-through light, light pink so they are hardly there.
Can't wait to see what you decide on, Ash!

Unknown said...

What if you got prescription trendy glasses from a lowerpriced e-tailer, like ZenniOptical? Then it wouldn't feel like as much of a risk/investment and you could still get fun specs!

Jilly Moo said...

Go for it! I love some thick frames... very retro. I'm especially loving the 2nd pic. Is that Zoe Deschanel? Love her.

Ashley said...

thanks to all of you for your sweet and helpful comments!

jinah, i think i may take your advice and get the trendy frames at a lower price retailer. thanks for the idea!

jilly, that is definitely zooey! i adore her :)

Unknown said...

As long as you are living in Athens, oversized frames will NEVER be out of still...