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Wednesday, March 3


my friend jodi is doing an incredible giveaway on her blog.
you should head over to passport in my pocket and read about all the wonderful things jodi shares... trips and adventures, great books, art, music, and food, interesting interviews, and quite a bit of insight and inspiration.

want to know one more secret?
the biggest reason that i love jodi and her blog?

because i truly believe that our mutual wanderlust and overwhelming desire for adventure makes us kindred spirits. that among other things.

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Jodi Kendall said...

awww, thanks!!! We are little peas in a pod on the wanderlust thing ;) good luck with the contest!!!

Gaia said...

How sweet you both are! Great friendship ... I'm in for the giveaway!
tHANKS FOR JOINING MY BLOG! I'd love to be one of a kindred spirit too...