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Wednesday, March 3

reason no. 683 why i love my husband

a few days ago husband came home from the grocery with a cantaloupe. 
the conversation that ensued was as follows:

husband: so i got this because it was on sale.
me: ooh yum, i love cantaloupe {as i proceed to smell said melon.}
husband: {looking perplexed} why did you smell that?
me: that's how you know if it's ripe.
husband: hm. i saw some lady at the store smell them. i tried it too, but i didn't smell anything, so i just picked one at random.
{insert picture of a very confused looking husband in the middle of the produce section trying to smell cantaloupe melons.}

reason no. 683 why i love husband?
he smells cantaloupe at the grocery store beside soccer moms just to make sure he brings home a good one.


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trishie said...

aw, this is a such a sweet post!

AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

Awwww. How sweet! I always smell cantaloupes and tap watermelons. It makes me look like I know what I'm doing at the grocery store/farmers market.

Sean said...

Hahaha hilarious.

Ali said...

absolutely adorable!!

Unknown said...

hahahaaa....I can't smell anything either! waaaaaah!