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Thursday, March 25

tick tock tick tock

i love wearing a watch. it makes me feel more grown up and in control. like if i know what time it is, then i will be more productive, make better grades, appear more professional. although i get quite a few comments on how my watch is "almost as big as i am," i especially love wearing this guy.

 {i love that it is both gold and silver. i feel like it coordinates my beautiful silver wedding ring with my funky gold earrings.}

it seems like this is the only piece of jewelry i wear lately...this menswear watch with a gold bangle and pearl stud earrings. sometimes i switch the pearls out for a pair of pink & gold drop earrings.

what is/are your go-to pieces when it comes to jewelry?
and for you males, what do you like to see your ladies in?


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Marie said...

I love a big menswear watch! Love, love it. Want one in gold too.
My favorite jewelry accessory is a charm bracelet. It is so nostalgic!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Gorgeous Glam said...

That watch is cool I'd wear it all the time too. I tend to wear a lot of gold bangles and bracelets lately. I used to hate when people wore silver and gold together and now I think it balances out! i too have a watch that is gold and silver and love it! My wedding ring is white gold but most of my fav rings are gold. So silver and gold just have to mix for me. Ay! xoxo

paanie said...

i love mens watches too! i'd just steal my bf's, but alas he doesn't wear one. i don't really wear jewelry, but i've been making some pieces lately, so maybe you'll be seeing me wear more soon!

OneCraftyFox said...

Nothing beats a beautiful watch!