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Wednesday, April 7

pale complexion

one of my favorite things about the spring is the return of pale neutrals, especially light pink and nude. i find that these shades work best with my skin color, but flesh tones bring an air of elegance and class to an outfit, regardless of your complexion.

dress & heels, h&m; belt, vintage; earrings, f21; essie, lilacism polish

if you're worried about being too washed-out when wearing flesh tones, make sure to add a little blush and lip gloss in a rosy color.

how do you feel about neutrals? would you/do you wear skin tones?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Blair McLeod said...

lovely combo!! love those colors -- not sure if i can wear them because i'm so pale myself :)

not sure what colors are best for me... probably bold & bright :)

McMel said...

i think this looks great on you! most people with pale skin usually shy away from flesh-tones because of the wash-out factor. i think you've got it right with the gloss and blush for color, but i think an important thing is hair color too- pale blondes just don't seem to pull off the neutrals as well as brunettes. and although i'm dark haired myself, i just don't know if i could pull it off!

Gorgeous Glam said...

I love neutrals. Being that I really love brights, neutrals are like the best friend to that. They go hand in hand and compliment each other. Lovely pics! xoxo

Kb_Mal said...

Love it all! The dress is whimsical and your belt is to die for.

I was actually thinking recently about how I have few to no pale tones in my closet. I'd love to pick up some patent nude heels of my own!


Not Used said...

PRETTY! I haven't tried anything nude yet but I'm loving it on you!

yiqin; said...

The dress is so perfect <3

Marie said...

It's certainly lovely here! Makes me want to try it, I do often feel that I need more color than a blush or nude provides. Perhaps I can get it with a necklace though... lovely inspiration.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Unknown said...

Oooh beautiful. And thanks for the words of advice. I discovered this evening that I seem to have a lot of white/beige/blush dresses that I never wear for fear of looking washed out or naked. Must pull them out and wear them soon.

Unknown said...

Love it!!! :) Kind of wish I bought that dress now!

Sean said...

All these pictures look like it's out of a magazine!!

Love how you make our class more fashionable :)

beccaweber said...

neutrals are my favorite! i got into a HUGE ballerina pink/grey and tan stage (w/ some black for good measure) just before i left the UK. that dress looks lovely. Like, seriously LOVELY. on you. :)